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Business philosophy: integrity-based, customer first, innovation, refined management

As a systematic and fundamental management idea of the company, business philosophy is the basis for managers to pursue enterprise performance and the confirmation of customers, competitors and employees' values and correct behaviors. The company's strategic vision, scientific and technological advantages, development direction, corporate culture and corporate goals are all based on business philosophy. A clear and lasting business philosophy is not only an important guarantee for the company's healthy, stable and sustainable development, but also an excellent genetic gene for building a century old base industry.

Integrity based: employees are loyal to the company, and the company takes credit from employees. We should shoulder social responsibility with honesty and build a win-win bridge with customers with honesty.

Customer first: to have customers is to have the future of the company, to achieve the customer's ideal as the pursuit, to create value for customers, let customers share the results of development.

Change and Innovation: the market situation is constantly changing, and the needs of customers are constantly updated. To adapt to the market and guide the market with reform and innovation is the external embodiment of enterprise wisdom. Constant change and innovation is the driving force for the development of the company.

Exquisite Management: the successful management lies in the meticulous and careful link of each business link. The quality of products lies in not letting go of every detail in the production process. Therefore, fine management is the soul of quality, execution under fine management is the key to success or failure, and high-quality products are materialized corporate culture.

Service concept: customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Service is a kind of culture and a kind of value. In Changmao machinery, service not only represents a system, but also has been integrated into the company's operation and management as a culture, accepted and pursued by all employees.

As much as our customers expect, we will pursue our goals. The company adheres to the service concept of "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit" and the purpose of creating value for customers. It adheres to the principle of "careful design, careful organization, careful manufacturing, careful construction and careful service" for every product and every project to create high-quality products and make customers satisfied.