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What is Coated Sealing Strip?

Release Time:2019-11-14Browse Times:112

   Slot coated sealing strip is made of four kinds of material-PE PU PP TPE. Every kind of coated sealing strip has five kinds of colours-white, brown, red and grey. Different colours decorate different classic doors and windows, which meet the needs of customers in all aspects. The product is not only artistic but also has 10 years' quality assurance. Thermosetting core, whose main material is foamed PU, has high elasticity. The sort application of its inside PP bone, TPU barb design that is well formed by plastic and rubber as well as Germany double-sided tape further improved coated sealing strip. 

    The classfication of coated sealing strip

    Self-adhesive coated sealing strip and slot coated sealing strip which is suitable for all kinds of doors and windows and easy to install. 

    The characteries of coated sealing strip

    It has better performaces than traditional sealing strip in anti-aging, compression deformation resistance waterproof. It is energy-saving, sound-proofing, anti-UV and does not react with any oil paint and cleaner. Meet people's demand for green and environmental protection.